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For your peace of mind, we disinfect our products.
There are four commonly known disinfection methods: (1) disinfectant exposure (alcohol, hypochlorous acid) (2) boiling water exposure (3) high temperature exposure (4) ultraviolet exposure. The disinfection methods we use for products and shipping packaging are (3) and (4). (1) and (2) are not applied because the product may be discolored or deformed.
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共有四種常見的消毒方法:(1)暴露於消毒劑(酒精,次氯酸)(2)暴露於沸水 (3)高溫暴露 (4)紫外線暴露。 我們用於產品和運輸包裝的消毒方法為(3)和(4)。不使用(1)和(2),因為產品可能會褪色或變形。

(1) disinfectant exposure (alcohol, hypochlorous acid)

 (2) boiling water exposure  熱湯暴露 暴露於沸水

Put the product or carton box in the oven with the temperature set to 60 ° C and leave it for about 2 hours. It is said that this can inactivate the virus.
將產品或紙箱放入溫度為60°C的烤箱中,並放置約2個小時。 據說這可以使病毒滅活。

(4) ultraviolet exposure 紫外線暴露
Irradiate the product and carton box with ultraviolet rays. It irradiates ultraviolet rays with an output of 2000 watts for 60 seconds. In the case of products, there are two sides, the back side and the front side. In the case of a carton box, irradiate 6 sides. It is said that this can inactivate the virus.
用紫外線照射產品和紙箱。 它以2000瓦的功率照射紫外線60秒。 對於產品,有兩個側面,背面和正面。 如果是紙箱,請照射6面。 據說這可以使病毒滅活。